TORC Cleaning System

TORC system is a light abrasive system which comes from the evolution of the JOS system that was introduced to the market over 20 years ago. Stonehealth has improved this technology to a very high standard utilising a swirling vortex washing action with pressurised air, combined with a low volume of water and organic media resulting in an efficient and gentle method of cleaning.

TORC system can be used to remove carbon pollutants and other unwanted matter from stone, brick, terracotta, ceramic tiles, glass, faience and concrete; it also removes oxidation and sulphating from bronze, brass, copper and anodised aluminium.

Architectural surfaces can build up a patina of dirt due to airborne particles, weathering cycles and the mineralogy of the stone itself. This patina does not simply lie across the surface of the stone but penetrates deep within the masonry. Whether it is stone, brick or terracotta that we want to clean, great care must be taken in this process - inappropriate methods of cleaning could damage the original material and weaken the substrate to decay or more commonly mobilising the minerals beneath the stone surface could result in discoloration.


TORC cleaning method is approved by English Heritage

TORC systems are recommended in conservation and heritage projects because of its capacity to clean delicate and complex surfaces with little to no damage.

Some of the historical and heritage buildings where the TORC system has been used within the UK: Buckingham Palace, Canterbury Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Hampton Court Palace, Tower of London, Oxford & Cambridge University buildings, St. Pancras underground station, Harrods store, Marine Barracks in Portsmouth and Norwich Castle.

If you have any project such as external facade cleaning, building restoration & conservation, refurbishments of commercial property, new builds or surface preparation, please get in touch.

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