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Soda Blasting

Advanced Eco Blast is a company, based in London, specializing in soda blasting cleaning services such as brick cleaning, stone cleaning, metal stripping, wood stripping, graffiti removal, exterior building cleaning, commercial building cleaning, fire restoration using Bicarbonate of Soda in addition to other fine eco-friendly blasting media. We are also experts in building facade cleaning

Soda Blasting is a non-abrasive, safe and environmentally friendly technique that cleans and removes paint, grease, dirt, mould, graffiti, oil, smoke, water damage and many other contaminants without any damage to the surface and to the structure. 

Shot Blasting is the most conventional way to blast clean or strip away an area. Shot-blasting is a heavy blasting process that literally shot the abrasive elements at a very high speed to remove the unwanted elements or coating.

Sand Blasting is the process of applying an abrasive material, such as sand, to an object at high pressure usually air compressed in order to remove surface contaminants. Find out more about the process in our article "Soda Blasting vs Sand Blasting"

This amazing technique was developed in the 1980s, specifically to clean the Statue of Liberty without causing any harm to the exterior and to the surrounding environment. Due to the success of that project, as well as many other benefits, it has gained in popularity over the years.


Qualities of Bicarbonate of Soda that make it unique include the following: 

  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  • Does not produce excess heat. Will not warp or pit metal surfaces
  • Removes grease and paint up more effectively than hydro-blasting and sand-blasting
  • Cleans mould and deodorizes smoke from fires
  • Non-toxic and water soluble
  • Removes contaminants by the energy released when the particles ‘explode’ as they come in contact with the surface to be cleaned. This results in no damage to the underlying substrates.


Advanced Eco Blast can safely clean a wide variety of structures. *

You  name it, we can clean it!


*stone, brick, sandstone, concrete, marble, limestone, granite, deep flagstones, cast iron, large-scale masonry, heavily layered paint, all metals, wood, stainless steel, bronze, aluminium, graffiti, water damage, fire restoration and much more.


NEW Water is an effective and simple solvent that can be used as hot steam vapour to remove dirt, grime, biological growths and some particular coatings from surfaces like stone, brick, limestone, concrete, paving, etc. Read more about steam cleaning



We are happy to discuss your requirements, just give us a call!


Advanced Eco Blast is the quickest, safest and most cost effective method of cleaning. Advanced Eco Blast can cover many square feet per minute, literally producing the same work as a small crew of manual labourers. Advanced Eco Blast is the best method, which saves everyone time and money. 

For objects or surfaces that may be considered more ‘delicate ‘or “ tougher” to clean, our operators are trained to adapt the process by varying the pressure and by using other eco- friendly media mix to achieve the best results without making any damage to the surface.

The Restofine media mix is a very fine blend of eco-friendly natural elements, soft abrasives, suitable to remove heavy coating and is very cost effective. Restofine contains no iron or free silica and is therefore safe for the user and the environment. Restofine meets all ISO 11126 requirement.

Advanced Eco Blast satisfaction guaranteed ! 

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